GRNE Solar is an EPC firm with a full-service team, which allows us to design and install commercial solar energy solutions and utility-scale solar systems. 

Your electricity bill does not need to be one to fret each month (especially during peak summer months). Learn more about solar installation on your home and take advantage of savings.

We offer a range of Operations & Maintenance Services for your commercial solar projects. From monitoring your system to dispatching technicians, we provide ongoing care for your system and project site. 

Why GRNE Solar?

Renewable Energy Experts

We have over two decades of green construction and renewable energy experience. 


Full-Service Staff

From concept to energized, you will work with GRNE Solar staff members. 

Rated Top Installers

We are proud to be rated as a top EPC Firms by Solar Installers by Solar World Magazine.  

GRNE Solar Residential Solar Installation

Service Areas

GRNE Solar has offices in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska. This allows us to be the premier solar installation team for the entire Midwest.

If you live in an area that has frequent grid disruptions or you just want to have the extra security, adding a solar battery backup to your system design is an option to consider. 

If you are planning on or already have an electric vehicle, gain the convenience of charging your EV at home. 

Take your energy monitoring a step further by installing a Sense Home Energy Monitor which allows you to see where your energy is being used throughout the house. 

Recent Solar Installations

Click on the photos below to learn more about these recent projects. 

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