GRNE Solar - Ground Mount

We're not your typical solar company, because uniquely, we have the team to do it all. 



Since 2012, we have established deep roots throughout the Midwest and have developed our teams to operate in two very different areas - commercial and residential.


Our full-service solar installation team includes consultants, engineers, project managers, electricians, and solar installers. Collectively, we have over two decades of renewable energy and green construction experience. Throughout our eight years of solar installation, we have proudly generated over 12 GWh of power.  


Our experience boasts a wide variety of solar energy installations such as ground, rooftop, and carport setups. We are fluent in a wide range of PV modules and inverters and developing:

  • Commercial & Utility-Scale

  • Residential Solar Installation

  • Project Engineering

  • Operations & Maintenance

  • EV Charging Stations

  • Battery Backup


"Solar energy has become one of the most cost-effective ways to produce electricity- which is an incredible feat. I feel fortunate to be a part of the ever-changing renewable energy landscape and have the opportunity to educate others on how far we can go with solar." 

"The solar industry is fascinating. Solar is growing quickly across the country and the Midwest, especially, is rapidly shifting to solar. Whether your driving force to convert to solar  is financial, environmental, or both - there are benefits for everyone."  

GRNE Solar Locations

Illinois Sales Office

230 N Hicks Pl

Palatine, IL 


Indiana Office

2202 Prospect St.

Indianapolis, IN 


Iowa Office

5281 Oak Crest Hill Rd. SE, Unit 7

Hills, IA


Illinois Warehouse
1215 Howard St
Elk Grove Village, IL


Nebraska Office

2004 SW 5th St., Unit A

Lincoln, NE 


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