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Location:                        South Beloit, IL

System Size:                      365.3 kW

Yearly Co2 Equivalent:    342 Tons

Panels:                             1,100 Talesun 

Delong Company - IL


Located in Northern Illinois, this 612 kW project is one of ten projects with the Delong Company totaling 2.81 MW!


Location:                         Belmont, NY

System Size:                       31.6 kW

Equivalent to:           67,876 Miles Driven

Panels:                            395 Jolywood 

Willow Creek Dairy - NY


Over the next 25 years this solar system will produce an estimated 38.11 MWh each year.

DJI_03123 (2).jpg

Location:                          Roca, NE

System Size:                     25 kW

Inverter:                SolarEdge HD Wave

Panels:                              78 Yingli 

Lincoln Landscaping - NE


This 25 kW system is estimated to offset 70% of their energy usage, allowing them to reduce operating costs.


Location:                          Minooka, IL

System Size:                      131.3 kW

Equivalent to the Carbon Reduced by 169 Acres of forest annually

Panels:                              398 Talesun 

Minooka - IL


This farm cut their utility bill in half while furthering their environmental and financial goals.



IMG_0914 (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Location:                   Hoffman Estates, IL

System Size:                    21.45 kW

Equivalent to:         2.5+ Million Phones                                                Charged 

Panels:                              65 Talesun 

High School - IL


This solar system helps reduce their energy bill and allows them to further reach their sustainability goals.


Location:                          Lowell, IN

System Size:                    1058.9 kW

Inverters:                          SunGrow 

Panels:                              310 Yingli 

Lowell Middle School - IN


Over the lifetime of this solar system it will generate an estimated 18,223,90 kWh. This greatly reduces the overhead costs and frees up more working capital. 

Good Shepherd_edited.jpg

Location:                          South Bend, IN

System Size:                        11.85 kW

Est. Yearly Production:     15.6 MWh

Panels:                                  30 Talesun 

Good Shepherd Montessori School - IN


This diverse, cooperative learning community uses the Montessori method to inspire and foster the joy of learning. Their solar system is now part of their learning curriculum. 


Small & Medium Businesses

Image 1-14_edited.jpg

Location:                       Fort Wayne, IN

System Size:                    102.51 kW

Inverters:                          SolarEdge

Panels:                              335 Yingli 

The Summit - IN


This solar system is estimated to save this business over a half a million dollars over the next 25 years. 


Location:                          Rock Fall, IL

System Size:                      64.40 kW

Equivalent to:               115 Barrels of Oil                                       Consumed each year

Panels:                               171 Talesun 

Pignatelli Rentals - IL


This solar system will produce an estimated 83.21 MWh of clean, renewable energy each year. Minimizing their overall carbon footprint while reducing their energy bill.

DJI_0205 (3).JPG

Location:                   Elk Grove Village, IL

System Size:                     14.75 kW

14.3 Ton of C02 Eliminated Per Year

Panels:                               S-Energy

GRNE Solar Warehouse - IL


We like to put a creative spin on projects where possible. Innovative designs like this can be used for good marketing materials. 


Location:                          Chicago, IL

System Size:                    13.43 kW

Annual Production:       17.83 MWh

Panels:                              34 Yingli