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Charge Your Car - With the Sun

If you are planning on or already have an electric vehicle, you can include the charging station with the purchase of a complete solar energy system. Submit for a free quote and see what you could save!


Our licensed electricians are experienced in installing EV Charging Stations for residential and commercial projects for all brands of electric vehicles. 

EV Charging Station
EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station
EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station
EV Charging Station


The solar energy you produce can be used to power your electric vehicle from the comfort of your own home. 

This inverter is ready when you are to produce energy and charge your car. We can size your system appropriately and use the SolarEdge HD Wave inverter so you are ready. 

Why GRNE Solar?

Full-Service Staff

Our solar installation team is complete with consultants, engineers, permit and policy professionals, electricians, and installers. 

Tesla Certified EV Installer

Tesla Certified

We are a certified Tesla installer. Check here:

Top Rated Installers

We are proud to be rated in the top EPC Firms by Solar Installers by Solar World Magazine.  

EV Charging Station GRNE Solar

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We have offices in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska. This allows us to be the premier solar installation team for the entire Midwest.