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Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors Are Doing It...

It's Time to

Go Solar

Make the Switch

Since 2012, GRNE Solar has been installing residential and commercial solar solutions. On average, customers see deep savings on their monthly utility bills, and with the current incentives the savings on installation is even greater. 

The decision to go solar can seem daunting with all of the options available; this is why we place such an importance on educating our customers. We strive for each customer to gain an understanding of the system, benefits, and savings. It's time to cut your electricity bill and convert your home or business to solar energy. 

If you live in an area that has frequent grid disruptions or you just want to have the extra security, adding a solar battery backup to your system design is an option to consider. 


Take your energy monitoring a step further by installing a Sense Home Energy Monitor which allows you to see where your energy is being used throughout the house. 


Offset your monthly electricity bill by converting to solar energy. Conner and the GRNE Solar team will work with you every step of the way, to ensure your transition is seamless. 


Meet GRNE Solar's Sales Consultant

Conner Allen, NABCEP Associate

Conner holds a Bachelor of Renewable Energy from Illinois State University and joined the GRNE Solar team in 2018. Since he joined the team, Conner has worked with hundreds of customers to help them design a system to offset their energy needs.  Most recently, Conner received his NABCEP Associate designation and continues to further his education in the renewable field.  Conner specializes in pitched, ballasted, ground mount system design and battery backup systems for commercial and residential. 

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