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Illinois Solar for All

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GRNE Solar is proud to be an approved vendor for the Illinois Solar for All program. In collaboration with the Illinois Solar for All program, we have the opportunity to submit applications to provide job training and higher incentive benefits to low-income and/or environmental justice areas. If you are a homeowner, nonprofit, public entity, or interested in developing a community solar project - please reach out to us and we can work alongside you to apply your project for the benefits of the Solar for All program.  If you are interested in job training programs, please visit the Illinois Solar for All website to learn more. 

Low-Income DG

Residents of low-income or environmental justice areas can apply to receive affordable solar solutions, monthly bill savings, as well as qualify for a higher incentive block. 

Nonprofits & Public Facilities

If you are a nonprofit or public facility located in a low-income or environmental justice area - you could qualify for the Illinois Solar for All program and gain the deep benefits the program has to offer.

Community Solar

If you are an entity that would like to develop a community solar program within a low-income or environmental justice area, you may qualify to work with the Illinois Solar for All program. 

The Illinois Solar for All program provides solar developments for Environmental Justice and Low-Income areas, along with opportunities for solar developers to offer job training programs to historically marginalized communities. To learn more about job training and placement opportunities follow the link below. 

For more information about the Illinois Solar for All program, please use the link below to visit their website. 


Program Mailing Address:

322 S. Green St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 

Phone: 1-888-970-ISFA


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