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O&M Services

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Whether your system was installed by GRNE Solar or another developer, we offer Operation & Maintenance services to keep the ongoing care for your system and project site off your plate.


GRNE Solar offers comprehensive services to ensure your system is producing and the site maintains its aesthetics. We are proud to offer our clients a designated point of contact, daily reports, dispatch services, and annual site maintenance.

GRNE Solar has designated staff to monitor the health of your system through cloud-based data acquisition systems and be alerted to issues remotely.

Through system monitoring, GRNE Solar will remain abreast of issues that may arise. With a designated team assigned to your project, anything that cannot be solved remotely will prompt an on-site visit to troubleshoot and repair.

On an annual basis, GRNE Solar will perform routine system maintenance and an intensive electrical inspection. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • the inspection of PV modules, array wiring, racking, and inverters.

  • ensuring proper operations of all electrical connections.

  • servicing the security equipment including monitors and fencing.

  • recording the operational data from inverters and meters.

Why GRNE Solar?

GRNE Solar O&M Services fo Solar Installation

Active Monitoring

Vegetation Management

We are committed to taking care of your asset and the property it sits on. 

Committed Team

An entire team will be assigned to your solar site to maintain and keep watch on your asset. 

GRNE Solar O&M Services Solar Field

Service Areas

We have offices in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska. This allows us to be the premier solar installation team for the entire Midwest.

GRNE Solar Locations

Illinois Sales Office

230 N Hicks Pl

Palatine, IL 


Indiana Office

7718 N. Michigan Rd.

Indianapolis, IN


Iowa Office

5281 Oak Crest Hill Rd. SE, Unit 7

Hills, IA


Illinois Warehouse
1215 Howard St
Elk Grove Village, IL


Nebraska Office

2004 SW 5th St., Unit A

Lincoln, NE 


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O&M Services