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Commercial & Utility

In every project, our focus is communication, meeting your objectives, and budget.  With over 9 years of experience, GRNE Solar has the expertise you make the switch to solar.

Residential Solar 

Converting your home to solar is a simple solution to get to a lower electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint. 

GRNE Solar is proud to offer our clients a designated point of contact, daily reports, dispatch services, and annual site maintenance.

Battery Backup

With the combination of solar energy and a battery backup system, if the grid goes down you can use solar energy to power your home's necessary items. 

EV Charging Station

If you are planning on or already have an electric vehicle, you can include the charging station with the purchase of a complete solar energy system.

Sense Energy

Take your energy monitoring a step further by installing a Sense Energy monitor which allows users to see where their energy is being used throughout the house.