We Like Unique

Where did the idea come from?

At GRNE we love to think outside the box, and create unique solutions. The installation on our Elk Grove Village warehouse was no exception. With our Palatine location offsetting 100% of our energy, we knew when we acquired our Elk Grove location, we had to install solar modules to not only cut overhead costs but greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

The first step in the process was designing the system to meet our needs. After taking the roof measurements we created a design to utilize all available roof space. We were able to fit close to 130 modules which would greatly overproduce what we needed. As we scaled back the design, our CEO Eric Peterman noticed there were perfect rectangle blocks that we could take modules out to spell out GRNE. Ed Howey the Director of Operations said “It so happened that we had 50 modules sitting leftover in the warehouse, and it was exactly 50 modules we needed to spell out the array.”

This installation was like it was meant to be; we had the perfect number of modules left over.

With this install complete, both our Illinois locations are operating off of clean solar energy.

We firmly believe in what we do, these installs are a testament to the beliefs we have.

System specs/ equipment and offset?

The warehouse is actually zoned as two separate units meaning it has two points of interconnection. Because of that the entire installation is split into two separate solar systems.

The first array features 24, 295w modules, the second array features 26, 295w modules. Each system is paired with a SolarEdge inverter to convert the DC energy into AC. Altogether the system has a combined 50 modules totaling 15 kW. The energy produced will be used directly on site, and any unused energy will be sent back to the grid. The building is going to be offsetting close to 90-95% percent of the electric usage at this location.

While being quite a unique design it was still a pretty straightforward install after the final design was completed. One great thing about this install and flat roofs in general, we can use a ballasted racking to prevent the need to put any holes in the roof. This eliminates any concern of the roof leaking. The ballasted racking will angle the modules 10 degree directly south to capture the most sunlight.

Benefits of a solar powered warehouse?

The main benefit of any solar installation is to save money and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Eric Peterman stated “Our warehouse in Elk Grove Village has a monthly electric bill of about $300-400. This system will produce around 95.67% of the energy needs, meaning we will see some pretty significant savings, somewhere in the $300 range on a monthly basis” Over the lifetime of the system, if we average a saving of $300 a month, we will see a total savings of $90,000.

Along with great savings the system offers even better environmental benefits. Annually the energy produced from this system will cut down 14.3 tons of carbon dioxide. To help put that into perspective, that is equivalent to 1,462 gallons of gasoline or 30 barrels of oil consumed. Reducing our carbon footprint now with clean energy is the key to a brighter future.

Whether you're looking to cut costs for your house, warehouse or company, look to solar. Now is the time to switch, take advantage of these upcoming summer months and federal and local incentives while you can.