Solar Benefits

Now more than ever, property owners converting to solar energy are seeing savings, a quick return on their investment, reduction of their carbon footprint, and energy independence. For an average system with the many incentives - customers see deep savings on the installation of their solar energy system. Below we detail a few of the benefits, detail the incentives, and provide an example of an average system.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Monthly Bill Savings

Our Solar Consultants dive into your utility bill and design systems to offset the cost of your utility bill. On average GRNE customers are seeing 70 - 95% off of their monthly bills.

Return on Investment

Between the offset of your utility bill, federal, state, and utility-based incentives customers are seeing deep savings within the first year.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Each system installed makes a big impact on the environment and lessens your carbon footprint.

Available Solar Inventive

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Established in 2005, the Federal Tax Credit or ITC allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of your solar energy system. The ITC reduces each year until it phases out completely in 2023.

Utility Based Incentives (Per Utility)

Utilities around the Midwest provide additional incentives for solar and storage systems. Be sure to ask your GRNE Sales Consultant about which additional incentives are available in your state and city.

Net Metering (IL and IN)

When your system produces more than what your home uses, the overproduction will be sent back to the utility grid to be used elsewhere. The amount sent back to the grid will be credited to your monthly bill at wholesale cost.

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