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Converting your home to solar is a simple solution to get to a lower electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint. It is our goal to provide our homeowners with 5-star service. We are here to be your resources for all questions solar and green-construction as well as a seamless installation process.  As one homeowner puts it...


"GRNE Solar makes it impossible to say 'no'. The math works and the system can pay for itself. Start saving now, instead of pushing it off."


Whether you are in need of residential solar installation, battery backup systems, or electric car charging stations - we have extensive experience and are here to help you "hire the sun" to help you save money. 





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Full-Service Staff

Our solar installation team is complete with consultants, engineers, permit and policy professionals, electricians, and installers. 

Budget Friendly

With the benefits of the federal and state incentives, our consultants can design a system that tackles your usage needs and budget. 

Installation Experts

Since 2012, we have extensive solar installation experience installing on flat and standard rooftops, ground mounts, electric vehicle chargers, and battery backup systems.  

Top Rated Installers

We are proud to be rated in the top EPC Firms by Solar Installers by Solar World Magazine.  

Featured Projects

Wonder Lake, Illinois


  • 70.72  kW total system size

  • 2 Roof Mounts & 2 Ground Mount Systems

  • 119 Yingli Modules

  • Iron Ridge Racking

  • 7 SolarEdge Inverters


What Customers Are Saying

"We received quotes from several different companies before settling on GRNE due to their combination of best system cost and solar system technology. Impressed with their professionalism and low-pressure sales approach. GRNE was easy to work with during the install process and handled all permitting and approvals. Our 7kW system is now up and running and we're enjoying the benefits of solar energy!"

- S. Govea, Schaumburg, Illinois

"Great company to work with! I found Jess and Travis extremely knowledgable and willing to answer all my questions. I also appreciated their attention to detail in the analysis of solar production, tree shading, return on investment, etc. I definitely recommend doing business with GRNE!!"
- C. Willeke, Lincoln, Nebraska

Residential Solar Project Gallery
South Barrington - Illinois, 14.7 kW
McHenry, Illinois - 9.6 kW
Joliet, Illinois - 3.9 kW
Chicago, Illinois - 10.5 kW
Mundelein, Illinois - 6 kW
Wonder Lake, Illinois- 8 kW
Bellwood, Nebraska- 7.2 kW
Downers Grove, Illinois- 13.2 kW
Carol Stream, Illinois- 6.51 kW
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Illinois Sales Office

230 N Hicks Pl

Palatine, IL 


Indiana Office

2202 Prospect St.

Indianapolis, IN 


Iowa Office

5281 Oak Crest Hill Rd. SE, Unit 7

Hills, IA


Illinois Warehouse
1215 Howard St
Elk Grove Village, IL


Nebraska Office

2004 SW 5th St., Unit A

Lincoln, NE 


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McHenry, Illinois - 9.6 kW