Your Solar System

What maintenance is required for solar panels?

Residential solar systems are very little to no maintenance. Your system’s monitoring portal (app or website) will indicate system functionality. If your monitoring portal indicates a need for service, connect with GRNE Solar ( to arrange a visit.

What is covered under my systems warranty?

Please refer to your installation folder for your warranty information. If you have any questions or would like further information, be sure to connect with your sales consultant or email

Is there anything that would void my warranty?

Any damage caused from mishandling and or tampering with the system would result in a void of warranty. We do not recommend that customers touch any part of their solar system. If you happen to think there is any issue, please connect with our Tech Support team immediately (

Who should I contact with questions regarding billing?

Please direct your questions to our Billing Department at

Who should I contact with questions regarding my solar energy system?

For general solar questions please contact your solar consultant directly, you can find their information in your installation folder. For more in-depth technical questions please reach out to the Technical Support team at You can also submit a ticket by visiting and clicking on the “Tech Support” in the top right corner of the homepage.

How do I utilize the Federal Tax Credit?

The Federal Investment Tax Credit allows homeowners that switch to solar to write off 26% of the system's overall cost. This credit would go towards income tax that you would otherwise owe. You can split this credit over the first 5 years of ownership. For more in depth information please contact your tax specialist for advice on your specific situation.

I’m selling my home, what do I have to do?

We have the proper documentation to sign and provide the new homeowner. Please connect with your sales consultant for more information.

Can I refer a my family or friends?

Yes! You will receive a $25 gift card for each referral, and if they choose to sign with us you will get an additional $500.

What happens if there is snow on my panels?

The panels generate a small amount of heat that will melt light snow, similar to a car’s defroster. In the case of a heavy snowfall, snow will generally stick on the panel but will eventually slide off due to the angle which the panels are generally mounted at. We do not recommend that homeowners clear snow off the panels.

Can I go off-grid with my solar system?

To be entirely off grid your system will require one or a few batteries. By pairing your system with batteries, during an outage your panels will continue to recharge them. If you are interested in going completely off-grid, please connect with Our team will connect you with a consultant that specializes in off-grid systems.

What is the average lifespan of solar?

The average usable lifespan of a solar system is around 25-30 years but will still generate energy at a reduced efficiency after this time.

Other solar questions? We want to answer those too!

If your question was not answered below please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We will get back to you as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours.

About GRNE Solar

When was GRNE Solar Established?

GRNE Solar was established in 2012.

What does GRNE mean?

Global Renewable Natural Energy or a funky want to say spell Green.

Where are your offices?

We have offices in:

  • Palatine, Illinois
  • Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Hills, Iowa
  • Satellite Office in Michigan