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Get a Full Solar System for $0


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

You can go solar for as easy as $0 out of pocket - no really.


When you go solar with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), GRNE Solar owns the system and equipment on your roof and your monthly bill is priced at a much lower rate. A PPA is a variable lease, meaning you only pay for what you produce. 

Go solar by purchasing the system outright and benefit from the savings as soon as your first bill!

Create a financing program that can be customized to fit your needs and monthly budget with no prepayment penalties. 

Illinois & Iowa customers can get an entire system for $0 down and save up to 20% a year on their utility bill with a Power Purchase Agreement. 

Get More From Your Solar System

With the combination of solar energy and a battery backup system, if the grid goes down you can use solar energy to power your home's necessary items. 

If you are planning on or already have an electric vehicle, you can include the charging station with the purchase of a complete solar energy system.

Sense Energy

Take your energy monitoring a step further by installing a Sense Energy monitor which allows users to see where their energy is being used throughout the house. 

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