Go Solar Your Way

Purchasing Options

Flexible Payment Options

GRNE Solar offers multiple payment options and will work closely with you so we can find the most comfortable option for you. Pay with cash, credit card, check, apply for financing or do a varying lease with a power purchase agreement. 

Whatever you may choose, we'll help you get everything in order so you can take advantage of a solar energy system. 

Signing Contract

Go solar by purchasing the system outright and benefit from the savings as soon as your first bill!

Create a financing program that can be customized to fit your needs and monthly budget with no prepayment penalties. 

Illinois & Iowa customers can get an entire system for $0 down and save up to 20% a year on their utility bill with a Power Purchase Agreement. 

We have multiple payment programs that give you the flexibility to purchase solar your way. Whether it's $0 out of pocket or payment outright, we have an option to fit your needs and budget.